NOMHA Executive Updates

Congratulations to existing and new members on the NOMHA Executive.  Please welcome our new members:  Warren Lightfoot, Travis Mann and Brad Farynuk.

Huge thank you to our outgoing Vice President, Tracy Berrecloth.  Your passion for the kids and dedication to our association is truly remarkable.  All the best!

President:  Albert Blackwell

Vice President:  Jim Soper

Vice President 2:  Warren Lightfoot

Registrar:  Caroline Esser

Secretary:  Candace Polson

Treasurer:  Martin Southworth

Head Coach:  Travis Mann

Head Coach 2:  Brad Farynuk

Risk Manager:  Kim Holt

Referee in Chief:  Alida Lucas

Equipment Manager:  Jennifer McEwen

Ice Scheduler:  Tracey Hamilton

Tournament Coordinator:  Sarah Blackwell

Sr. Director:  Daniel Derksen

Jr. Director:  Melinda Zeballos

Female Director:  Jena Carlsen

Goalie Coach:  Brandon Mazur