Information for Officials

Hi all and welcome to the 2023-2024 hockey season.

The following will be a guideline for all past, present, and new referees. A general review can be found on BC Hockey’s website. I would suggest you connect to it after reading this introduction. Please review ALL facets of the below link as first year refs MUST do the eLearning and all refs 18 and over MUST complete the criminal record check BEFORE the clinic or you will not be allowed to attend.

If you have completed your referee course in another location please let Alida know, so you can be put on the assignment list.

You will need an email address and personal bank account to receive etransfer payments for the games you work.

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All new first year officials will have to complete the online eLearning course. It does not have to be completed in one sitting and you may stop then return to where you left off, but, it MUST be completed before you go to the clinic.

Please print out the congratulatory message you get at the end of the eLearning and bring that with you to the clinic.

Any referees 18 and over must complete a criminal record check.  It is MANDATORY to complete it BEFORE you can register for the clinic. It may cost $35 but this will be reimbursed back to you by the association.  If you have a problem in getting it done before the clinic please call me and I will guide you through it.

Once all of the above has been done you may register for the clinic.

NOMHA is hosting their clinics for new and returning officials register now to start reffing !

ENTRY Level 1Clinic ID = (2023003447) – ENTRY (Cross-Ice) L1 North Okanagan MHAClinic Link -

NEW Level 1Clinic ID = (2023003449) – NEW L1 North Okanagan MHAClinic Link -

Returning Level 1Clinic ID = (2023003450) – Returning L1 North Okanagan MHAClinic Link -

Level 2Clinic ID = (2023003451) – Returning L2 North Okanagan MHAClinic Link -

Level 3Clinic ID = (2023003452) – Returning L3 North Okanagan MHAClinic Link -


The link to BC Hockey clinics is here:

Click here for Clinic Registration!!

If you are not a player you will have to purchase insurance when you register for the clinic.  All fees associated with registration will be returned to you once you have officiated 5 games.