Due to popular demand from you, our members for more ice we have the following additional ice times for divisions u9 and up.
The game of hockey is growing in our communities and many of our neighbours enjoy morning ice times. So NOMHA has created a rotating morning schedule for all teams to enjoy and sample what morning ice times are like. Regular morning practices will be in the future for NOMHA members.
Full team participation is encouraged so that you can continue enjoying the prime evening ice times.
 The NOMHA Executive thanks everyone for their concerns and comments that have been raised regarding the availability of ice.  We have been working hard to provide you more ice. 
Your team coaches and managers will add the times to your schedule.

All ice times are at Norval Arena from 6:30-7:30 am

Wednesday Nov 8th U18 REP
Thursday Nov 9th U18 REC
Wednesday Nov 15th U13 REP
Thursday Nov 16th U11 REC
Wednesday Nov 22nd U15 REC
Thursday Nov 23rd U13 REC
Wednesday Nov 29th U9
Thursday Nov 30th U11 DEV
Wednesday Dec 6th U18 REP
Thursday Dec 7th U18 REC
Wednesday Dec 13th U13 REP
Thursday Dec 14th U11 REC
Wednesday Dec 20th U15 REC
Thursday Dec 21st U13 REC
Wednesday Jan 10th U9
Thursday Jan 11th U11 DEV
Wednesday Jan 17th U18 REP
Thursday Jan 18th U13 REC
Wednesday Jan 24th U13 REP
Thursday Jan 25th U18 REC
Wednesday Feb 7th U15 REC
Thursday Feb 8th U11 REC
Wednesday Feb 14th U9
Thursday Feb 15th U11 DEV